Job reference
Job Location
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Job Type
Full time
Salary Benefits
  • Gross Salary
  • Meal Vouchers


The fiduciary is an office made up of a dozen people that deals with local commercial clients.

You will benefit from a family-like professional environment with a close-knit team, that gives a high quality service to their customers.

You will have all the advantages of working very closely with your managers and team mates while enjoying the client oriented aspect of your work.

The fiduciary is located in the south west of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You will enjoy this proximity and easy access to your workplace.

These are the perfect circumstances to avoid the strain of the road and the loss of time related to the traffic.

You thus acquire a less stressful living environment and a more interesting work-life balance.

The fiduciary is looking for a senior accountant who speaks english because you will have some english files in your portfolio. Use your accounting experience and language skills to the maximum of your capacity.

Thus you will optimize your assets in exchange for favorable working conditions.

Do not miss this opportunity to promote your skills and get your career off the ground.


Senior Accountant - The function:

* You deal with balance sheets, tax return and VAT for local commercial companies, in addition you will be close to the customers you care for

* You will be trained by the management of the company on the operation of a small fiduciary, you will be able to acquire solid and complete skills

* You will be in contact with customers and you are able to advise them accurately

* You will be autonomous and you will manage your day effectively, this will allow you to function as you wish and enjoy a certain freedom in the work.


Senior Accountant - Your Profile:

* You have experience in the field of fiduciary dealing with comercial companies in Luxembourg

* You are dynamic and enjoy every learning opportunity to become more proficient and have a successful career

* You have good interpersonal skills and are able to work in a team, so you will spend days with colleagues who appreciate and like to be around you

* You have a good customer contact and are able to advise the clients of your portfolio, this will allow you to appreciate the quality of your work and to feel valued

Job Offer

Senior Accountant - The Offer:

* You will have direct contacts and ongoing training with management, which will help you to stay up-to-date and evolve in your function

* You will have a stable position within a family-like fiduciary with a pleasant working atmosphere, so as to have a stimulating professional life

* You will be autonomous and perform a diversified and interesting work, so you will not stop evolving and stay stimulated with your job

* You have a great opportunity to grow your career and a salary of up to 4 000€ gross per month, as well as an interesting salary package, consisting of meal vouchers (10.80€ ), among others perks

Do not hesitate to contact us if this position seems interesting for you !

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