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Our IT Recruitment experts are at your disposal to help find the match for you.  

We help Software Houses, IT consultancies and end clients with every phase of their recruitment process. 

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Why our Candidates choose us?

We have a wide client base ranging from the most exciting new startups all the way through to the established super powers of the IT World ensuring you get to consider a wide selection of options. 

Our recruiters are people first and foremost. They understand that your personality, passions and needs are as important as your technical skills. They in turn, combine this with expert knowledge of the software development market meaning they are ideally positioned to give the guidance needed to make those difficult decisions a little easier.

And finally, you will never be pressured to make a decision you don’t want to make. We are advisers. We will speak our mind and be honest with our opinions but the final decision will always be your own. 

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Why our Clients choose us?

Recruiting the right people on the IT Market in Belgium has become one of the most complicated tasks with which companies can be confronted. 

Luckily this is where we come in. 

Put simply, our clients choose us because it works. We provide them with the knowledge, tools and advice they need. 

They rely on us not only to bring them into contact with the best possible staff but equally for the advice and guidance to make the right decisions. 

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We are NOT headhunters!

What do we mean by this? We do NOT try to convince candidates who are happy in their current function to change job. We do NOT contact candidates through Linkedin or other platforms proposing them alternative career options. 

We only collaborate with candidates who have themselves taken contact with Austin Bright directly or have shown a clear intention to change working environment. 

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